Querétaro is a privileged state due to its excellent location, modern infrastructure and connectivity; it is safe and clean and offers a high quality of life and diversity in tourist attractions.

Two hours North from México City, we find the first stop on the colonial cities route. Santiago de Querétaro, being the third most important city during the Viceroyalty, is nowadays one of the favorite places to rest in the center of México.

Its Historic Downtown was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, due to its historic relevance and the insuperable sample of baroque architecture that its mansions, houses and temples offer. It was here where Mexican Independence started. Today, Querétaros downtown is the first in Latin America to be wirelss.

This state located at the heart of Mexico is relatively small in size but makes up for it with its fascinating attractions for visitors.

Its natural landscape is well worth exploring, rich and varied as it is thanks to the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Gorda that cross the state. It is also home to one of the most interesting nature reserves in the country, the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, with unique species at risk of extinction that it is impossible to observe elsewhere.

Travelers to Querétaro are presented with a huge range of open-air activities to choose from: mountaineering, climbing, hiking, caving and bird watching are just a few of them.

Querétaro is home to hard-working people who love their traditions, which means that most of the state’s celebrations are of a religious order. The syncretism between first people’s cultures and the influence of the Spanish colonists emerges at every one o these festivities. In this way the religious events are accompanied by pre-Hispanic traditions without being opposed by them.

It is impossible to speak of Querétaro without mentioning its wealth of architecture, which is to be seen wherever you go in the state, with countless churches, plazas, monasteries, missions and Baroque, Churrigueresque and Neo-classical buildings. Not for nothing is the state home to two areas recognized as World Heritage Sites.

For local tourists the area is of particular interest as key episodes in the history of Mexican Independence and the Revolution were written here. Great figures involved with these historical events were born or lived in the state.

The varied handicrafts of Querétaro reflect the multiple indigenous and Spanish influences that have forged the state, and delight locals and foreigners alike. They display a passion for roots, creativity and the inventiveness of the artisans behind each piece.

Heterogeneous, multi-colored, full of surprises and natural adventures, with a strong connection to its past, Querétaro emerges as an essential destination for anyone who wants to get to know the heart of the country

- Population: 1.6 million inhabitants in the State.

- Weather:

  • Winter: 9ºC - 25ºC (48ºF -- 77ºF)
  • Spring: 20ºC - 30ºC (68ºF - 86ºF)
  • Climate: Rainy from June through September, Dry the rest of the year.

For more information about our City, please visit the website of our Ministry of Tourism (http://www.queretaro.travel/)

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